2019 Mount Olive Women's Cross Country Roster

Hometown/Previous School Major
Maddie Carkeet full bio Maddie Carkeet Cl.: Fr. Hometown/Previous School: Fayetteville, NC / South View HS Major: Exercise Science
Caitlin Carnegie full bio Caitlin Carnegie Cl.: So. Hometown/Previous School: Castle Cary, England / Strode College Major: Health and Physical Education
Erin Dillon full bio Erin Dillon Cl.: So. Hometown/Previous School: Julian, NC / Home Schooled Major: Agriculture Education
Jessica Glenn full bio Jessica Glenn Cl.: Jr. Hometown/Previous School: Stony Point, NC / Alexander Central HS Major: Agriculture Production
Leah Hanle full bio Leah Hanle Cl.: Sr. Hometown/Previous School: Lichtenstein, Germany / Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium Major: Psychology
Riley Houston full bio Riley Houston Cl.: Fr. Hometown/Previous School: Trenton, NC / South Lenoir HS Major: Exercise Science
Lena Kaster full bio Lena Kaster Cl.: Jr. Hometown/Previous School: Gerolstein, Germany / Sank Matthias Gymnasium Major: Psychology
Elizabeth Lopez full bio Elizabeth Lopez Cl.: Jr. Hometown/Previous School: Mount Olive, NC / Southern Wayne HS Major: Psychology
Meredith Lorient full bio Meredith Lorient Cl.: Sr. Hometown/Previous School: Bornel, France / Lycee Condorcet Major: Criminal Justice; Criminology/Psychology
Sarah Faith McAllister full bio Sarah Faith McAllister Cl.: Fr. Hometown/Previous School: Catawba, NC / Bandy's HS Major: Agriculture Education
Amber Owens full bio Amber Owens Cl.: So. Hometown/Previous School: Lincoln, England / Sir Robert Pattinson Academy Major: Health and Physical Education