Mafo Completes WeCOACH NCAA Women Coaches Academy 2.0

Mafo Completes WeCOACH NCAA Women Coaches Academy 2.0

Mount Olive, N.C. - Joelle Mafo, head coach of the University of Mount Olive women's volleyball team, completed the WeCOACH NCAA Women Coaches Academy in late June.

The NCAA Women's Coaches Academy is a 4-day educational training available to NCAA coaches of all experience levels. The WCA is designed for women coaches who are ready and willing to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success, as stated on the NCAA Women Coaches Academy website.

Participants focused on non-sport specific concepts in an environment that fosters inclusion across the sports community. Mafo and fellow coaches discussed topics such as fundraising, coaching philosophies, DISC assessments, exit strategies, controlling your narrative, and more.

This was Mafo's second time attending the Women's Coaching Academy and she shared the following thoughts about her time there, "My second experience at the WCA was very enlightening. I learned so much about myself as a person and a coach; that it helped me realize I have a big impact on young women. I want to make sure that I leave a positive, powerful, and successful legacy with any athlete I come across during my tenure as a coach."

Founded in 2011, WeCOACH has become the premier membership organization committed to recruiting, advancing, and retaining women coaches across all sports and levels. Previously known as the Alliance of Women Coaches, the organization reinvigorated its brand in August 2018. By providing a supportive and unified network, educational programs and resources, and access to in-person and digital resources, WeCOACH is changing the landscape for female coaches.

To learn more about the NCAA Women's Coaches Academy and WeCOACH, click here.