8 Alex Crawford
8 Alex Crawford
Height: 5-8
Year: So.
Hometown: Duluth, Ga.
Position: Att
Major: Recreation Therapy
Previous School: Tennessee Wesleyan College

High School Coaches Award

Plans After College: "To become a recreational therapist."

Fun Facts
Describe What It Feels Like To Be A Part Of Mount Olive's First-Ever Women's Lacrosse Team... "Awesome. It's cool to know we can be the start of something."
People Would Be Surprised To Find Out...: "I have super small feet."
If You Could Schedule One Tournament For Mount Olive, Where Would It Be? "Hawaii."
What Superpower Do You Have? "I make people fall in love with me with my singing voice."
Describe Your Weirdest Obsession Or Superstition... "I have to crack my elbows."