2017-18 Mount Olive Men's Soccer Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Hometown/Previous School Major
00 Preston Snyder full bio Preston Snyder GK Fr. Corinth, Mississippi / Corinth High School Sport Management & History (Coaching)
1 Grant Eshelman full bio Grant Eshelman GK Fr. Allen, Texas / Allen High School Business & Accounting
2 Noah Auger full bio Noah Auger Mid/Def Fr. Greensboro, N.C. / Northern Guildford High School Business Marketing
3 Oscar Aldava full bio Oscar Aldava Mid Fr. Wilson, N.C. / Frike High School Criminal Justice
4 Trevor Knight full bio Trevor Knight Fwd Sr. Virginia Beach, Va. / Homeschooled Music Education
5 Nikolai Iotov full bio Nikolai Iotov Fwd Sr. Sofia, Bulgaria / Duluth High School Sports Management (Minor: Coaching)
6 Travis Jones full bio Travis Jones Mid Jr. Raleigh, N.C. / Southeast Raleigh High School Exercise Science
7 Baptiste Tajan full bio Baptiste Tajan Mid Fr. La Barthe-de-Neste, France / Lycee Louis de Foix Sports Communication
8 Anthony Condo full bio Anthony Condo Fwd Fr. Cornelius, N.C. / William Amos Hough High School Psychology
10 Tyler Hall full bio Tyler Hall Fwd Jr. Coral Springs, Florida / Coral Springs High School Business Management
12 Nathan Pike full bio Nathan Pike Fwd Jr. Youngsville, N.C. / North Raleigh Christian Academy Business Management (Banking and Finance)
13 Kevin Whalen full bio Kevin Whalen Def Fr. Durham, N.C. / Durham School of the Arts Business/Justice (Psychology)
14 Santiago Zapata full bio Santiago Zapata Mid Jr. Medellin, Colombia / Wakefield High School Criminal Justice
15 Andrew Martin full bio Andrew Martin Mid So. Mooresville, N.C. / Mooresville Senior High School Exercise Science
16 Brandon Esparza full bio Brandon Esparza Mid Fr. Concord, N.C. / Northwest Caba High School Business Management
17 Shelby Lickliter full bio Shelby Lickliter Fwd Jr. Port Saint Lucie, Fla. / Lincoln Park Academy Exercise Science
18 Daniel Olaniran full bio Daniel Olaniran Mid Jr. Luton, England / University of Pikeville Psychology
19 Charles Griggs full bio Charles Griggs Def Jr. Bognor Regis, England / Chichester High School Exercise Science
20 MacLayne Gairrett full bio MacLayne Gairrett Def So. Zebulon, N.C. / East Wake High School Mathematics
21 Sam Murphy full bio Sam Murphy Fwd Fr. Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland / St. Eunans Letterkenny History
22 Justin Bellamy full bio Justin Bellamy Mid So. Fayetteville, N.C. / Fayetteville Academy Exercise Science
24 Quentin Aguilar full bio Quentin Aguilar Def Jr. Paris, France / Janson De Sailly High School Exercise Science
25 Anton Lund full bio Anton Lund Def Sr. Stockholm, Sweden / University of Hawai'i at Hilo Business Administration - Accounting
26 Grant Conybear full bio Grant Conybear Mid Sr. Lake Mary, Fla. / Seminole HS Business Analytics (Minors: Mathematics/Accounting)
27 Kenneth Gilliam full bio Kenneth Gilliam Def Sr. Angier, N.C. / Cape Fear Christian Academy Exercise Science
28 Lewis Xiberras full bio Lewis Xiberras Mid So. Newcastle, England / Monskeaton High School Biology
29 Matheus Oliveira full bio Matheus Oliveira Def Sr. Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil / Rowan College Business CIS
30 Fernando Tacuri full bio Fernando Tacuri Def Sr. Quito, Ecuador / Wasatch Academy Mathematics (Minor: Computer Information Systems)
32 Anthony Wren full bio Anthony Wren Mid So. Fayetteville, N.C. / South View High School Business
37 Sebastian Loibl full bio Sebastian Loibl Fwd/Mid Jr. Passau, Germany / FOS Waldkirchen Business